Vinyl archive

For many years I had my old vinyl record collection stored away at my parents' house. Three years ago I brought them to my present habitat, and also bought new speakers, amp, and record player. I did have a few of my old things left, but they didn't work. My old record player, a once renovated Thorens from the early 70s needed some new parts, but I wasn't sure it was worth it. I also wanted an automatic player, my hand precision is not very good at times. So I got a new Thorens. Of course. Later I also got a CD player from my daughter. I played a lot less vinyl than expected. I have planned to sell a fair bunch of them, but only got as far as checking some and putting them in a bag. When I was young I listened to loads of music, but these days considerably less.

I did miss a bunch of LPs, maybe 30 or 40 of them. It was very puzzling, and I couldn't make sense why some were lost. My most likely guess was that I, when moving the collection here, I somehow put a bag somewhere beside my car or so and someone picked it up. But that felt pretty unlikely, too. Just a mystery. Until now. A few days ago my mother called me and told me she found a bunch of records deep in a closet, and it was the missing plastic discs! It was something of a shock, I tell you. I brought them here yesterday. They were many more than expected. About a hundred, of which quite many are double albums. A few are not mine, but almost all are. There are even a few 78s. Since I had about 150 already here, it was a big increase. I did a rough sorting of them so far. I think I'll make a few posts of findings in my collection. Some records I haven't listened to for a very long time. Hopefully it will awake some curiosity. By now I think even obscure recordings can be found on Bootube or Spiffypot or whatchacall'em. 😉 I do not have the latter, but if I find something that I can't find on youtube, it would be fun.

Collecting vinyl has become very popular. The sound is a bit different and of course album as material art is so much better than CDs. But as for collecting music, I think 78s would be a lot more fun. Finding stuff that has not been digitalized yet, rescuing recordings from disappearing etc. Although there is no album art.


  1. Aww I wish I had room for such an old record player. That sound is so calming, somehow.

    Congratulations on finding those long lost records 😀

    • Thank you. 😀
      I want to sell quite many of them, but do not really want to sell them online, as I then have to document their condition, and I am not sure I can do that correctly. There has been a scale on used vinyl condition at least since the 1970s. I recall seeing ads and classifieds in music magazines I subscribed to back then. There is a part-time shop selling vinyls etc in my town, but selling a bunch of LPs to them would probably not give much. I will not be rich, but I do not want to sell for scraps either.

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