Waiting for summer under the weather

As I have mentioned on this blog, I have a chronic illness. It is a very minor subject of this blog as I never saw my writings here as touching much on the personal. But now's the time for some observation and some whining 😛

Many people feel affected by changes in weather, e.g. having more of their usual pain when it is humid, or cold weather. When I have a bad day, I quite often get asked if the weather turned bad. I don't really see any strong correlation between weather changes and my health. Before a big thunderstorm the air can feel really heavy and I feel "thick in the head", but I think most people feel that. Due to my illness I am very sensitive to cold, especially in my feet and hands, but that doesn't correlate to changes in weather. So in general I am a weather insensitive person, except for the usual dislike of rain blowing in one's face and the like. In contrast, my health is strongly affected by other things, such as what food I eat.

However, this week the weather has been on and off rainy, windy, a little sun and very humid, like tropics without the heat. Really strange and very boring weather. For once I do feel physically worse from the weather, more pain, more tired. And that is not due to worse sleep. This just feels quite odd. The weather is not bad, it is weird. It would be nice with some warm, sunny days. Gief it nau!!!!