Wild goose chase

This morning I heard wild geese for the first time this season. They are on their way up north. I opened the door, but couldn't see them. I do not know which species they were. Geese are an early sign of spring. Another winter has passed, hopefully. In one of my first posts, I wrote about a sure sign of the approaching winter: the cranes leaving us for warmer pastures.

This winter has had very little snow. The previous two had extreme amounts. An era of weird weather.

Our current 20 kronor bank note has Selma Lagerlöf on front and an image of Nils Holgersson on the back. Her story about the boy who rode on the wild geese was written as a geography lesson. See bank note here. The story of Nils is maybe not that well known outside Sweden, with Japan being a big exception.

Later I heard my first Common Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus) for the year, and also lark (don't know which type).

Cold wind, but spring comes. Eventually...