Windows and music revisited

In autumn I posted a little something about cleaning windows while listening to music. Today I spring cleaned a few windows while listening to Hildegard von Bingen. She is famous for many things, but that she also made music is something I heard of only last year. Today I listened to Gothic Voices' A feather on the breath of God, as it happened to already be in the CD-player in my stereo. Yes, you read right: "CD-player". They are still made, but in 2017 they feel more retro than a vinyl player, which got a big renaissance. Both albums have detailed sleeve contents, with Latin lyrics as well as translations. You probably won't get that from streaming services on the Net.

My other CD with music by Hildegard is Canticles of Ecstacy by Sequentia, which, although both albums are great, is my favourite of the two. It has an otherworldly feeling to it, the singing is breathtaking. At times I can't really believe how they can sing like that. The sound is also rather special, it was recorded in a crypt.

I have not been interested in medieval music before, especially not Christian chants, as they always struck me as bloodless and bodyless, and frankly boring and gloomy. von Bingen's music gives me a very different experience. It is really ethereal. For a fantasy nerd, maybe "elven" would be an appropriate label. I listened to a lot of religious (or inspired thereof) music before, Staple Singers being an old favorite, but they are also "bodily", as in you can really hear humans singing, if that makes any sense. It is always nice to discover new types of music.

Today is Ascension Day, and while some might think it is not a day for cleaning, it was sort of meditative to listen to Hildegard's heavenly music. It also was in total harmony with the birds singing.

Some would perhaps argue that George Formby would be perfect for a duffer cleaning windows. But it was not a day for that, and I was only cleaning my own windows! What did you think??

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  1. Aww, that is a beautiful piece of music. I have a CD-player too 😀

    Yes! I thought elven too. I adore those themes.

    Haha, George Formby was so happy!
    Like Happy Little Working song from Enchanted. I listen to that when I clean!

    Not windows though. No. It´s not even an hour since mud and sand made its way to our windows again, together with two tiny handprints…♥

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