Winter is coming 3: Outdoor furniture

Last night we went from summer savings time to standard time. A pretty daft system if you ask me, but I am not going to rant about that. One mnemonic for the problem of turning a clock backwards or forwards one hour is that "when you put BACK your outdoor furniture to indoor storage is the season when you set BACK the clocks an hour". Of course, these days most clocks on computers, phones etc do that automatically. The nation wide twice-yearly clock-setting brouhaha of yore is no more. I cheated a bit and took away my comfy chair from my balcony a week ago. It was still "summer time", and it has been mild, but not that mild. My other chair I disposed of a while ago, as it was broken. Modern cheap metal and plastic. Not very repairable. At the time of writing this, a few minutes past 16 (4 p.m.), it is getting a bit dark inside. WordPress tells me the time is past 17. Surprising... shouldn't the server send requests to ntp servers? I don't know. This site is on a host. Does this mean I write in the future?

If you do not put away your summer furniture, this can happen.