Yule bread

This blog starts to look like lazy Hollywood, making sequels to earlier posts 😉

This year I was quite early in baking Yule bread. I thought of inviting the nearest family to First Sunday of Advent “afternoon tea” (see fika), but I missed some ingredients for baking, so had to shop on Sunday (late) morning. The baking took long time, in fact so long time, I skipped inviting. Became too tired anyway. What does not this old duffer do for art food? I like First Sunday of Advent. I even had all the Christmas decorations already up. Not that I have many. E.g. I have no tree, although I actually put up a few decorations on a chili plant I have. So I guess a very mini Christmas tree. Bringing out the box with decorations is a bit like recreating personal history. Most of the stuff is not new, quite a few were made by my children when they were small/young etc. Including my advent “wreath”, which in Sweden places the four candles in a straight line. Usually white candles, but this year I put in red ones.

When I made the bread, I for the first time used dried powdered bitter orange peel. Easier and it worked ok, too.

Last year I did an episode on HPR about baking Yule bread. In case anyone is interested.


      • You’re more reliable than a calendar 😉

        I do have to admit, though, that Sinterklaas did beat you to it this year.

        He started turning up locally on 18th November this year and delivered his gifts (to us) a week ago last Friday.

        Better luck next year 😉

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