Yule bread

This blog starts to look like lazy Hollywood, making sequels to earlier posts 😉

This year I was quite early in baking Yule bread. I thought of inviting the nearest family to First Sunday of Advent "afternoon tea" (see fika), but I missed some ingredients for baking, so had to shop on Sunday (late) morning. The baking took long time, in fact so long time, I skipped inviting. Became too tired anyway. What does not this old duffer do for art food? I like First Sunday of Advent. I even had all the Christmas decorations already up. Not that I have many. E.g. I have no tree, although I actually put up a few decorations on a chili plant I have. So I guess a very mini Christmas tree. Bringing out the box with decorations is a bit like recreating personal history. Most of the stuff is not new, quite a few were made by my children when they were small/young etc. Including my advent "wreath", which in Sweden places the four candles in a straight line. Usually white candles, but this year I put in red ones.

When I made the bread, I for the first time used dried powdered bitter orange peel. Easier and it worked ok, too.

Last year I did an episode on HPR about baking Yule bread. In case anyone is interested.


  1. Thinks
    If Mikael is talking about Yule bread, it must be time for me to start my Christmas shopping. 😉

    • Hehe! 🙂
      I am early this year. A harbinger of shopping! But I just realised Sinterklaas probably beat me to it 😉

      • You’re more reliable than a calendar 😉

        I do have to admit, though, that Sinterklaas did beat you to it this year.

        He started turning up locally on 18th November this year and delivered his gifts (to us) a week ago last Friday.

        Better luck next year 😉

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