How to lessen the amount of spam on your blog

I have been less active on this blog than ever. I have not given up on writing, I just had lack of energy, due to a bit of downturn in health. I sometimes check for eventual comments and also erase spam. The best way to get rid of spam in comments is of course to have some sort of spam filter addon. The best way to lessen the total amount of spam recieved is to post less, I have realised.

Today I cleared out 98 spams caught by the filter. I haven't checked spam for at least two weeks. When I have been more active, I could get 98 spam in 3 days. So the amount of recieved spam is directly proportional to the amount of posts and text published. If the quality of the texts is proportional to the amount of spam I leave to the reader to ponder 😉

Less posting, less spam. Hurray!

It's for the common good!