... I think not!

I listen to quite many podcasts, I subscribe to new ones at times, and stop on others. I almost never watch conversations etc with video as I find it boring and also a waste of time. Audio-only is great when doing other stuff that does not require much attention. Or when I am so fatigued and/or pain I am too tired to read. So podcasting is an important medium for me. I used to listen to radio, but it is mostly shite. But I digress.

It seems more and more podcasts are also going (also) video, which does seem pointless. Only advantage may be it can be easier to hear what they are saying, I guess. Or maybe if you are watching/listening together with other people? Televison with face mask? I come across a few who call themself "podcast", but are only on youtube, which is sad. So on rare occasions I download a youtube video and convert to audio. And consume it as a podcast (which the creator/s/ say it is).

I have been using some addon to Firefox for that. It stopped working and the others I saw in FF's addon "repo" seemed rather... well I wouldn't install those. Today I searched in Ubuntu's repo and found youtube-dl, which I used years ago, I think. It worked fine, with the rather nifty flags -F and -f. Nifty for an audiocast listener.

Now, a few hours later, I just stumbled upon news that it has been taken down from GitHub. The name might be a trademark infringement but the code/application is hardly a copyright one.

I do not use git, nor GitHub, but when news came a few years back that Microsoft acquired it, I thought to myself that if I was on it, I would leave it. It never turns out well.


  1. I have to admit that I have pretty mush stopped listening to podcasts. I used to listen to them while commuting but after I started commuting by train (and even more so now that I am working from home) I tend to prefer to spend my time reading.

    And it’s nice to see you online again.

  2. Train? In Belgium?? Must be slow ones, otherwise they would fall of the edge!

    Few people makes money on youtube. It is easy, but so is Soundcloud (I guess). Not sure why people want to post (and watch) two faces talking. Unless there is some more television style, with at least some added “value”. Although showing a face can reveal stuff, I guess. I understand why people e.g. listen to Joe Rogan – more podcast than television – but watch it for 2-3 hours? It’s not a baking program. Oh wait, it is…

    • The trains in Belgium are so efficient we need regular strikes to stop everything becoming too fast 😉

      I can’t see why anyone would want to watch a couple of people talking either. Podcasts on YouTube strikes me as a terrible idea — I’m sure some people make a bit of money out of it but I imagine that most don’t.

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