The Facebag Installation

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

2021 started off weird and it is probably going to be weirder. The feeling of theatre is stronger than ever. Or maybe I am getting old and tired and worn and the bs is also just getting tired and worn?

As we live in an emotional era, maybe someone will write The Sorrows of the Young Weirder? Hopefully not.

I turned on a web-tv and watched the installation just before Biden went up. All those facebags... Submission. Theatre. Maybe those politicians suspect their fellows to emit all sorts of contagion? Maybe they do? Once people sang "Respect Yourself", now it is "Protect Yourself".

Biden blathers on like most politicians. Funny how those two parties have not achieved the justice, peace etc they talk about every year. Well the attempted purge is a bit new. Resurrection of old style in digital era.

"Historic moment" says the guy who sat in D.C. like... forever. Maybe he refers to the fact he is half-ancient? I admit he emitted a cliché, but since I am a mean half-old fart I just cannot stop myself.

"Manufactured facts" Oh yeah, we never saw that ten years ago. Or a hundred. This is getting really old. I guess we will se more sucking up to the corporate media?

Biden talks about "Boldness" and "step up" and the camera shows the audience which looks like rather relaxed people in facebags. Heroes!

Well, this is a ritual, the civic religion updated with facebags. The big words are maybe not to be taken too seriously.

Trump isn't there. Is he sulking? Or is he a trickster? Neither is not the best for a president. Although the trickster part was quite funny, better than the usual mutual jrk-off. On the other hand, over decades, the Congress has let presidents rule more than the role was intended to. Maybe they reactivated their spines now, after Trump's face-slaps? Yes, we can of worms.

Unless corporations try to "purge" some dissenters.

It will be interesting to see how much the media will continue to obsess over Trump. I guess he is a good distraction. Blaming everything bad on previous govt. is a universal trick that is overused in, I guess, every country.

"Installation"... sounds like it is about a machine. I had a new washing machine installed recently. I don't need a facebag to use it. It does what I tell it. Feeling like a powerful lobbyist to a politician!

Silly times. Laugh! Smiling behind facebag just does not cut it.

Babylon Bee makes fun of everyone. I am sure they will continue to get material from the political reality. Here is one goodie:

Maybe 2021 be good to you and your near and dear.


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