Linux Outlaws

I've always been an avid radio listener, and much less a teve watcher. However, I rarely listen to broadcast radio nowadays. That has partly been replaced by podcast listening. A lot of radio is rather mediocre, in my opinion.

I just listened to the final episode of Linux Outlaws, also known as LO. It was the first podcast I listened to regularly, back in 2011, I think. I am not sure if I heard about LO on 1, or if I heard about on LO. Since then I have followed them, although I only once managed to catch Linux Outlaws live. But then I rarely listen to podcasts live, just can't keep track of broadcast schedules... ;-).

Being a bit of late-comer to the podcast-listening, since then I listened to many. So, big thanks to Fab and Dan for me really discovering and exploring the wonderful world of podcasting. They will continue producing podcasts, so the retirement of LO is also marking the starting of something new from Sixgun Productions. That is something I look forward to.

  1. The old based on the software, now evolved into GNU social. You can see old on Internet Archive Wayback Machine