Your journal is just a post in a corporate database.

Selling personal records is not new, Swedish authorities has been doing that for years. It's crony capitalism (which is at the core of technocracy and it's relative, fascism). But when data from disparate sectors accumulates in a few companies, then it is gets really scary. Evil.

Btw, the Googs famous motto "Don't be evil" was apparently thrown out. I guess the Newspeak just got to be too obvious.

It used to be, and should be , that you use tools that are in your own control, especially when it concerns publically funded activities, some of which are in practice mandatory. With these "cloud" companies, it is more of submitting stuff to their machines. While paying dearly for it. Imagine you are building a public road, and the company laying the asphalt recieves the right to know who drives on the road, and also the right to stop anyone they see fit. Furthermore, the company issues a license with a EULA that is 25 pages long and no one bothers to read. The eula is loaded automatically to your phone when you enter the road. In order to enter the road, you must have a certain app on your phone. Etc. It is private-public partnership, and you will pay for it at least thrice (tax, fee, your data). If they decide you have health problem, too, that will require extra insurance, never mind if it affects your driving. Etc.

Your health score will be part of your social score. Etc.

Brave new world.

One day, someone will propose "smart asphalt". Or some non-petroleum goo.

Unless the collectivization of transport for the plebs hits first.