One time coffee

Recently I was in a digitally carried communication instance and in course of the immensely intelligent waffle there evolved in my duffery mind a memory of an odd item I own. If my memory serves me right, I might even have mentioned it! Memory mileage will vary. Yesterday I by accident found it. Time lines of destiny converging or something?? Far out, man.

It is a one-cup-coffee-in-filter-plus-holder. I opened it, and it did not look like I remembered it. It was smaller, but still have same function. I bought it in Japan ages ago, and always thought it a fine example of waste of packaging and materials. To be fair, this one is mostly made of coffee. Each individual coffee serving in an air tight package. I've never seen such in Sweden, and a quick search on the web did not find any either, but maybe the type is available now. Here it's how it looks when opened (the flip side looks the same):

Cut the top and extend the flaps on both sides, and put on cup. When I opened it it smelled coffee but it also had a vague smell of ammonia.

One cup coffee filter

Now listen to me carefully, I will only say this once! Pour boiling hot water into it! Nifty, eh?

The ammonia smell got stronger! I even felt slight nausea. So I did not try the taste. Yeah, call me chicken. I trashed it and the two remaining packages.
No wonder, the package had last date of consumption "97-03-04". Yes, more than 20 years ago! I am a bit of hoarder, but this went perhaps a wee bit too far. Every time it showed up in a box or so over the years, I thought I would save it to demonstrate the thing, but that never happened. So I took the very hard decision to throw it all in the bin!


  1. 1997? And I thought I was bad at throwing things out. I’m surprised that, after nearly 22 years, it didn’t get up and throw itself in the bin!

    • Haha! 😀

      Well.. I might have a big collection of stuff, but my discipline is not the best. 🙁
      I shall henceforth walk amongst my boxes of stuff and admonish the stuff to throw itselves (!) in the bin.

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