Sound not a trumpet before thee

Another thing that just started out as tiring decades ago, is increasingly annoying and even disgusting.

Corporate virtuesignaling!

Virtuesignaling is ancient. Jesus criticized it (e.g. Matt 6:1-, Mark 12:41-).

But since corporations these days are persons (!), they "feel" the "need" to engage. Often it is from pressure from government and some "NGO", i.e. extortion businesses. Handing out meaningless, but costly, "certificates" is one method. I guess they learnt from some unions in some countries. I don't bash unions, but some of them are infected by criminals.

It is not that companies should not care morally about the production, distribution and selling. Boycotting and buycotting as personal choice from honest information (e.g. about slavery) I think is excellent. But please do not tell us how wonderful you are, when you really do not care. Your trumpeting is annoying (cf. Matt. 6:2.)

Corporate virtuesignaling is masturbation. Please do not do it in public. For starters.

I come to think of old style missions and helping the poor, e.g. soup kitchens. They provide(d) food and maybe clothes and shelter. You "payed" by listening to a sermon, admonishments and maybe making a confession. There might even have been good advice given.

Corporations now:

  1. You want something from them.
  2. They have the product you need or at least desire.
  3. First you have to listen to (or read) a sermon and maybe even an admonishment.
  4. You have to pay anyway for the soup. Which is made more expensive by certificates, various virtue taxes, extortion fees to "NGO" and so on.
  5. Profit!

What a deal! Wohoo!

Finally, mission for the poor made me think of Chaplin's "Easy Street". It starts out with a loving light parody of one such. Chaplin and his contemporaries are sort of made for the Internet. Short with humor and action. And heart.