Built to last

The Tower of Hercules is about two thousand years old and the oldest lighthouse in use. It is a big building. It is beautiful in a stark sense, not built for aesthetics as much as function. Now, that is what architects and tektons could do back in the day!

It has been exposed to the elements for so long. We would probably have more buildings as old or older in good condition, if it was not for wars, or pilfering of building materials. The Tower looks like it would be hard to take materials from, unless it had started to fall apart.

Now, with "modern" (as they like to say) techniques and sensibilities, I am sure much of what is built today would last even longer! And I am never sarcastic.

A funny thing about modernity is that things start look old and outdated very fast. A lot of stuff looks like shite even when new. If it is arrogance or lack of competence, I do not know. Imho, a lot of "modern" design is just plain hatred of the populace. E.g. it seems brutalism is still idolized by many decision makers.

In Sweden we have Arkitektupproret, "The Architect Rebellion", which among other things give out a yearly prize for ugliest building. There is no lack of candidates, so I guess the decision is not easy. 😉

They (and others) have pointed out that is not cheaper to build ugly.