As a teenager I was very interested in astronomy, read all the books I could find at the local library and even got a few of my own. I clearly did not understand advanced astrophysics and so. Obviously. I did have a small refractor telescope. I even a bit vaguely remember the moon landings from my childhood. On the telly. I did not live on the moon. Obviously.

I have a much clearer memory of Voyager 1 launching. I thought it was fascinating, much more interesting than the moon landings, which I always thought were more of engineering and human endurance feats. The engineering they apparently forgot most of. Meh. Bringing home some rocks... meh. Of course a lot of it was meant to benefit military technology. Uh.

Voyager was not expected to last long, but they still get its signal! It is just on a very lonely trip into almost nothingness.

For decades that little machine gave humanity a lot of information. But now sending and receiving some beeps while travelling very fast while in practice going nowhere. The vastness is humbling. And Voyager is a humble little traveller.

Voyager 2 will always be number two, poor little guy, but he is also a great traveller.