Color on different displays

I used to have a very mild green background color here on this site, surrounding the white text areas. It was soft on the eyes and very non-distractive. It looked great on my desktop display, a LG Flatron. On my laptop it looked a bit blueish, but I did not care. However, I have now seen it on other's laptops, and it did look blue and very cold. Furthermore, links are in blue, and I did not want a "connexion" between background color and link color. I have now changed to a more stronger plain green, and it is at least green on my laptop, too. Not same nuance, but green. The header and footer have the old color. Strangely enough, the blue links directly on that bluish background (on the laptop display) looks ok. Color is a science, and on electronic displays it is sort of magics. 🙂

I like green. Yellow is poison, red is alarm, blue is cool, grey can be gloomy, and black is, well, black. I could have tried out some grey/brown/sand sort of color, but maybe it would have looked like poop on some screens.

Eat your greens.


  1. I’ll have to take a look on my laptop, but the new colour scheme works very nicely on my phone. I have to admit that I do like shades of blue, but you’re definitely right about yellow 😉

  2. Thank you, gentlemen.

    My big display has a warm color. I chose it for that rather than the speed. It is unusually thick for a flat screen, so maybe some special type? I bought it on sale. It is comparatively slow, so for some hardcore gamer, it may not be the best. There are techniques for controlling color from screen to print, but afaik, it is pretty much a little lottery when it comes to differences between screens. Not that my blog is an artistic one 😉

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