Again autumn again cranes again

I've written about cranes in autumn and spring. Today I heard and saw the cranes' southward migration for the first time this year. It was a big V-formation (skein) of about fifty birds. In Swedish we call it "plog" ("plow") formation. They do plow through the air, abandoning us ground dwellers for greener pastures.

I repeat myself on this blog, but I blame nature, since it repeats itself. In this case not so much by copying (no copying rights, just nature's own copying abilities), but the coming and going of the seasons. Each cycle makes us older, and maybe wiser. Admittedly, "season" is a human (ap)perception, but we do have an urge to classify. To make sense makes sense. A year is more of a non-human fact than a season is. In a northern location, the variation of temperature makes the seasons more pronounced. So far autumn has been ok, every year I hope for the weather to be nice and still, so the trees can slowly turn yellow and red without being stripped prematurely by strong winds. The leaf-less period without snow is a rather gloomy one. But I digress in advance.

"Season" has turned out to be one of the more common tags on my blog. That must be because we Swedes are so "close to and appreciative of nature"!!! Well, there is a national myth for you, which many Swedes like to tell about themselves. As all myths it is part truth, part hogwash. Do not take them at face value, but there can also be grains of truth even in ancient ones. Sweden as being a "modern" and "secular" country has as many myths as any other.