National Day

Today is National Day of Sweden.

I never cared for it much, and here is why.

It was invented in 1983. It became a holiday in 2005, and Second Day of Pentecost was removed as holiday, as "compensation". Before that there was Svenska Flaggans Dag "Day of the Swedish Flag", which sort of grew organically from late 1800s to becoming The Flag Day. Historically, flags were the domain of kings, governments and the military (with varying designs). In the 1920s, the flag became somewhat everyman's flag.

Starting from the 1920s, private citizens put up flag poles in garden and hoisted the flag. Private boats often have a flag in rear, even when only sailing withing the country's waters. Flag design and how and when it is hoisted is regulated in law.

If you visit Sweden, you might see quite many private residences with flags. It has recently also become popular to have a small "facade" flag on house, or balcony. Those are not regulated, and can be up around the clock.

When I grew up we had The Flag Day. It was not a holiday, but we were all aware of it. It was one of the days you had to hoist the flag, if you had a flag pole. Usually the King had a outdoor public reception in the castle, or maybe at some other place. Shown on the telly, iirc. It was like "that's his job, it is a tradition, we live in Sweden, the day is practically like any other day". No one wanted to remove it, except maybe some die hard commies.

There was no general demand or feeling of deprivation by not having a National Day, like almost any other country had. It was more like "we know we live in Sweden, it has its problems, but it is our country, and we do not need a National day to know that". You did not need to be a monarchist to feel like that. It was probably a remainder of imperial times. Sweden has never been invaded, or dominated by another country or foreign entity (until now), and has no independence, or revolution to celebrate. Sort of. Not having a national day is very rare, and indirectly makes you special. You do not have to prove anything. Your country is self-evident, if that makes sense. We took it for granted, and were fooled.

We did notice the Norwegians (even those living in Sweden) always celebrate their national day with gusto and joy, but you don't really need the government to have a fun day.

Making The Swedish Flag Day into National Day in 1983 was not from some popular demand, it was totally a top down decision by politicians. Why? I have two theses on this:

One Parochial (even ethnocentric) Swedish politicians had to an increasing degree interacted with foreign dignitaries and developed a complex for not having a National Day. Never underestimate the private mores and in some cases narcissism of public figures. Not to speak of the incompetence and/or stupidity.

Two The globalists already had loyal servants even in Sweden, which had for a long time kept a at least formal distance to e.g. the EEC and NATO. To sneak or even openly slowly suck in Sweden into "collaboration" as the euphemism goes, was helped by pretending that the nation somehow mattered by giving the plebs a National Day! Becoming like everyone else by creating an image that nation matters. That is quite devious and quite brilliant. It is my opinion that this was done on purpose. Neither the National Day nor the globalism was asked for by the the general populace.

What supports this is that the National Day has been turned into a celebration of Sweden as multicultural. Sweden is becoming a shell, and its only identity is going to be turned into 100% political and adminstrative. Of course that is hard or impossible, people often have a local or regional identity, even in countries which been centralised for centuries. Obstacles for the globalist. But they do try. On the tax payers bill, of course.

These days, by law, towns and municipalities are required to arrange welcoming ceremonies for new citizens of The Kingdom of Sweden. For one, this shows a very lack of imagination and thought, by just copying a U.S. ceremony. The U.S.A. and Sweden are two very different countries. The multi-culturalists are often laughable ethnocentric, parochial and just plain stupid. Secondly, you are a citizen of the country/nation, not of a town. Towns/municiplaties are forced to this because the state want to educate the locals (those stupid, racist, parochial Swedes) that all kinds of people are citizens now, i.e. genuine Swedes. Never mind that immigrants might not even identify themselves as Swedes. Thirdly, becoming a citizen has become a lot easier, so you have a lot of people becoming citizen without knowing Swedish, not knowing much about country and not even care for it. The govt knows this but wants to shove it in the plebs' faces.

I am sure many have the same experience in many other countries.

If you happen to remember Sweden from some decades ago, with its good and bad sides, you are not on the train, as we say here. If you question our invented tradition, The National Day, you are not a good citizen.

(The expression "invention of tradition" is ofc from Hobsbawm, my use is not the same, but some of these official practices, might one day be deemed "tradition" or "genuine" or "very Swedish" )

The Flag Day/National day was set on June 6, to celebrate Gustav Vasa, and also the new Constitution of 1809. Both, can be argued, are a result of coups, leading to a recreation (or maybe even invention) of the nation. But that is another story.

I have a small flag. I have it up all the time. Maybe I should take it down today? :cackle:

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