Late spring

Well, the spring was late, and now it is late spring, but not a late spring anymore.

Almost-summer. Sprummer?

Around here, there are many wild cherry trees. White flowers en masse. That is over now. The garden cherries have also bloomed. Sadly I forgot to take photos. But, as most wonders of nature, it will occur again next year, in about the same way.

The last two years were the two worst cherry years I have seen in our garden. The cherry crop varies slightly in quantity and quality from year to year, but it practically never fails. However, the past two years there were very few good cherries. In 2011 most rotted away on the trees due to lots of rain, last year they were just very few. This year they flowered in peace I think. No heavy rains. I even saw a few bumble bees. They have been rather rare the past few years. Hopefully this will be a good year for growing.

Today, May 31st, I took some pictures in the garden (I am not a good photographer) of some flowers. Nothing seems especially late or early now. After the long cold semi-spring, the season caught up with itself. That sounded really scientific, didn't it?

This is what we call "almond flower" (Saxifraga granulata)

Mandelblomma - Saxifraga Granulata

Next is an apple tree in bloom:

An apple tree in bloom.

And a white lilac:


The white lilac is popular to have at end-of-school celebration and decoration. On rare occasions they bloom too early or too late for school year ending, which happens around 7-15 June.


  1. Spring has sprung at last 😉

    I remember having a cherry tree back when I was young. Every year was a race to pick the cherries as soon as they were ripe and before the birds got to them. The birds always won, of course.

    • In the garden we have “sour cherries”. They are excellent for jam and such. Neither children nor birds race for those. 😉

      The wild berries are quite nice, smaller and most of them high up, out of reach to most bipeds. They are sometimes called “bird berries” here. Then there are of course those delicious domesticated ones that are best eaten raw, but I do not have any of those trees 🙁

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