Orange mess

Today, as often, I applied the Kajsa Warg principle (see earlier cooking posts).

I had frozen (ecologically approved) prawns in the freezer. I also decided that I was going to have rice with them. The rest more or less just happened.

The rice was a mix of whole (brown) rice, red rice and wild rice. The latter did not jump about but stayed put with their cousins. I soaked the rice in water for a few hours before boiling it. Not something I usually do, because I am not the best planner at times. Not that soaking rice is necessary.

While the rice boiled, I gently fried a chopped onion and two grated carrots. When they were almost ready, I put in juice from a lemon and let it simmer a minute. The lemon was also ecological. The whole fruit is edible, but the skin on this one looked a bit boring so I only used the juice. I turned up the heat and put in about 150g of the frozen prawns. Let it fry for maybe five minutes, 'til it had dried up a bit. Put in about one dl of sour cream and chopped fresh oregano. Stirred it gently while heating and voilà: Orange mess.

Put rice on plate, poured some of the mess over it. Served with lettuce and cucumber.

It turned out better than I hoped.

I did not think of taking a picture, but in all honesty it looked a bit nondescript. White rice would have probably made it look better, and given a slight taste contrast to the mess.

Addendum: The carrots were not finely grated, but I do not know the antonym for "finely grated". Crudely or coarsely doesn't sound right...