Voting in shorts

Today I voted in the election for the European Parliament. There has been ample opportunity to pre-vote, but I only have done that when knowing I cannot vote on the voting Day proper. These days, I often think of pre-voting, but somehow I never manage to do that. More and more people pre-vote, so the voting day is losing a bit of its unique feeling. Traditionally, there are party representatives outside the voting venues. Today there was only one at my voting venue, the Town Hall of my small Swedish town. A young lady from the Pirate Party. Sweden has uniquely had PP representatives in the EU Parliament, even two of them. I do think the label "modern" is grossly overused, but still, kudos to maybe the most modern party keeping up the tradition of having a representative outside. Maybe the more established parties enjoyed the sunshine? The national election is still very much deemed more important, too. If nothing else, the latter creates a lot more politicians' jobs 😉

I think it is the first time I voted wearing shorts. The weather was comfortably warm. The voting Day for the Swedish parliament is always in September. Maybe I should make an effort in always voting in shorts? I have circulation problem in my feet, wearing wool socks most of the year, but I think I can manage shorts in September. As long as I am not barefoot. There are many who have a lot harder time in life than wearing shorts in September.

At the time of writing, I do not know who will get the seats. This election seem to change the composition of the parliament quite much.


  1. “I think I can manage shorts in September” – in the true spirit of your Arctic explorer forefathers! : – )

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