Winter is coming 1: Cranes

In June last year, I moved from house in countryside (lived there for 23 years) to an apartment in town. The house was on a side of a not high mountain, with open landscapes, so one could see quite far in some directions. One seasonal change that was very obvious was the migration of birds, especially cranes. One could hear them and also see them, although sometimes they fly quite high so they can be quite hard to focus with one's eyes (sight?). I think it is no coincidence my earlier blog posts quite often concerned seasonal changes, and I have mentioned cranes one, two, three times before.

Living in town, the big high flying birds are not often very noticable. I am not sure if they avoid flying over urban areas too. I don't think so. But this autumn I happened to hear the cranes twice. The first time maybe two, three weeks ago. I was on my balcony. Judging from the sound I do not think they were very high up but I did not spot them. The other time was a few days ago, which is really late in year. 2014 has been warm. It sounded like only a few cranes. I didn't see them on that occasion either.

Thinking of the cranes flying in skein formation south or north is both a reminder of the seasons and also for me a feeling of missing out on something now when I am an urbanite.

The nearby lake Hornborgasjön I haven't visited in quite many years, but maybe in coming spring I'll take a trip there. The city slicker paying a visit to the country.