Five years

Today it is five years since I started this blog.

My second post was about Diaspora, which I still do not use, although I agree with what I wrote. Reading it now feels strange, was it me? Federated, distributed social networks are still developed, but they have not caught on big time. Most people still have not even heard of them. The only one I use is GNU social, which builds on the defunct Users often call the totality of it "The Fediverse", and that would in principle include Friendica and others. I am lazy and use an open server (, I have not created my own. Federation isn't exactly new. E-mail is federated, although too many use monoliths like gmail. Wordpress (and other blog tools) is in a sense also federated. Many use, but many use other hosts, or even their own server. Update services ("ping") provide a sort of rudimentary federation, not as much as the true distributed social networks, but it is independent of the big silos. As the web is, even if in practice it starts looking like feudalism.

My blogging has gone down markedly, especially this year, but I am not giving up. I never had a goal, I did not have a glorious five-year plan. I write for my own enjoyment, and others' enjoyment. Or pity :p



  1. Happy blogiversary!

    And best of blogging for the next five years 🙂

    I find my own blogging can be all over the place. There are times when I am posting updates daily and other times when I don’t even look at the blog for a month or more. It all comes down to time and motivation, I suppose, but it is nice to have a small space on the web that is unambiguously mine.

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