Every year I think I might try the NaNoWriMo, and I have not even got started on it. The NaPodPoMo I have not even considered trying. For November this year I might try Movember. That is a more humble target for the year's boringest month.

As my latest three posts have been filled with glorious limericks, I came up with a more modest goal for a month: LoLiWriMo = Local Limerick Writing Month. It's not national, it is local and global. I write them on my localhost, upload them to server (in same nation), and they can be read globally. They become global when you, alien visitor, read them. I have no responsibility for the global.

Furthermore, anyone using the word "glocal" should have their mouth taped over. But I digress.

So I will try post one limerick each day of October. If I remember to do it. Maybe I will fail the first day. It is a challenge. I am challenged. Literally.

Could be seen as warm up for November, but limericks and extended story telling are not exactly the same 😉


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