Robot bosses

Article from last year, but just saw it today. A very good one, in my humble opionion.

Reminds me of MTM. A anti-human perspective where Mammon is G-d.

The modern variety is that s-c "software" (code) runs the real software (living beings).

So what can be done about it? One thing is to avoid as much as possible to buy from companies behaving like this. If they despise their employees this much, they despise the customer, too. They might give "service" and "convenience", but they do not really care.

Now, if you live in area where e.g. A Huge Supermarket Corporation killed off all local competition, and your abilities to travel to shop essential stuff is very limited, then it can be really difficult. There are local markets and co-ops started, but not the easiest thing to do. However, most of these corporations can be avoided as consumer/buyer. This is not new, people (including myself) have for decades try to avoid "local" brands that are owned by soulless anti-human global corporations. Of course even an "alternative" brand might buy from those corps, but we can at least try. Life is not dependent on Amadingdong et al.