So I am back on the fediverse (i.e. federated microblogging and "social media"). It has been some years since last time. It was almost ten (!) years ago I joined identi.ca, although status.net (later gnusocial) did not become as federated as its creator wished. I loved identi.ca! Learnt a lot and got new friends and acquaintances. And good laughs.

Mastodon has been the biggest fediverse software platform in recent years, although the old ones (e.g. Diaspora, Friendica) remains. Incidentally, my second post on this blog was about Diaspora. Let's hope federation grows. It worked for email so long, it is both past and future, hopefully.

To set up one's own server/node was more for geeks than comparative technubs like yours truly, but these days there are quite cheap and easy ways to have one's own Mastodon instance hosted, or so I have heard. I thought of doing that, but then I also have other projects that I thought of for years... Even a bad excuse is an excuse :-p.

So I joined an existing server. 🙂

Go to Mastodontal Inscius

Feels good to be back! Not planning to be super-active, I cannot keep up with intense flow of posts, but I will follow some, and also publish some random pearls of world wide wisdom 😉

Pun Scriptum: The big silos call it "Fediworse" and the Germans call it "Fediwurst".