Kale apparently became fashionable among "hipsters", or at least kale was pictured as a trendy food among "hipsters", to the extent of becoming a standing joke. Kale seems to be thoroughly disliked by many. I did not understand why, kale is here traditionally used in some dishes, especially in winter and around Christmas. E.g. as soup, often with hard-boiled egg-halves in it. Very nice rustic food.

Maybe two years ago I decided to check some U.S. recipes for kale. Many of them were different sort of cakes and bread. I decided to try one. It tasted shite, metaphorically speaking. No wonder many hate it. I think I threw most of it out. I did not take the route "Not edible, but works as a gift". Reminded me of when in my youth I travelled with a friend across the U.S. on a budget. We ate a lot of bread, and even simple takeaway was not on the menu every day. We tried so many types of bread, usually from supermarkets. One day we found "Dill Rye". Dill is the same word in Swedish, so we thought, it cannot be dill, it must mean something else! It was dill. Disgusting. I love dill with fish, on potatoes, but not in bread. Weird combo. One of the very few times we actually threw food in the bin. We were quite tightfisted.

I've grown kale once or twice. Quite fun, but cabbage plants are prone to attract a certain butterfly whose larvae eat it all. I had mine in "tents". No pesticides.

Kale also works raw, in a salad. For Christmas, it is nice to combine them with pomegranate, for that Holiday look. The seeds came from freezer, so a little icy. Might be a U.S. invention? I never saw this combo when young. Nice taste. Very healthy, too. Sorry for the meh picture, and the bowl was simple. But you get the... ehm ... picture.

kale with pomegrenate salad

No hipsters, Americans nor butterflies were hurt in the process.

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