Rule follower

"I am a rule follower" is sort of a meme for morons, or lazy persons, in reasoning or behaviour.

If rules overrule (!) thinking for oneself, common sense and ethics, then one is less capable, or lazy, bordering on automaton.

Applying concepts and categories on reality and think the map is always correct is a variant of this.

However, conciously following rules in absurdum is a classic resistance method. Consequences and results can be bad or (best) obviously absurd, but the one giving orders cannot very well complain, as you followed his/her instructions to 100%. Of course, if action lead to injury, then better to point that out, so as not to be part-responsible. That would be the "I just followed orders" route, which no decent person ever should.

It can be quite fun to observe a person's annoyance or squirming when their own orders lead to bad results, and they can not blame their underlings. Not that some would not try to weasel out of it.

I've seen, heard and read of this method for a long time, but never seen a label for it. Until recently:

Uncivil obedience

That's a good term. Some examples they give are a bit meh, but can't have it all.

Malicious compliance/obedience describes something similar, but imho is worse. Nothing malicious about uncivil obedience. Well, not much anyway. More like schadenfreude from below. 😉

In Sweden conformism is strong, so many rule followers, but that is another story.