Movember the 2nd

Hmm.. maybe I should have shaven on the 31st and grow moustache? Or shave the chin to get a head start?! After all, I am a man, and we have privilege. Any woman who has it, should be cheered on by the patriarchy.

Moustache ends with "ache". Some are certainly a pain for the beholder.

Today when shopping food, I saw a middle aged guy from the Middle East. He had a very thick black moustache, reminded a bit about the (secular?) style of the Saddam era. I tried not to smile. I mean it was impressive, but looked kind of out of fashion. Unless he carries that upper lip decoration for intimidation purpose, kudos to him for being a not-giving-a-f old codger.

Maybe some women wear face covering because they have moustache? Who knows?

Hormones! They are everywhere!

I wonder if Santa does Movember, too?

More questions than answers.