The other day I was sorting out some old boxes and found my old Canon WordTank. Have not seen it in years, and thought I had lost it. Lost the item, that is, not "lost it". Although that might happen, too.

It is almost 30 years old. I put in a new battery, and it works! To my surprise, Cannon still produce the series. There is something nice about that, companies keep making stuff (with some upgrades) because there is a market for it, and not just going the "smart phone app" route. It is very portable, and certainly more convenient and lighter than a paper dictionary.

I forgot most of Japanese I learnt, or at least it is very dormant, but I managed to insert a Japanese word in Roman letters. They were changed on the fly to hiragana, I hit a button (lots of buttons, took me a while to find the right one), and voilà, the kanji including translation and furigana came up. There are probably a lot more language functions. I read the manual (I still had it!) and it can also be used as calculator, currency converter and some kind of tax calculation... I did not try those.

It also has two slots for expansion cards.

I took a shot of the specs in the manual, for you nerds out there. On the wikipedia page you can see a lot of models without any details about them. So this is for the common good 😛

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