Over the Hillary

The old media has been droning on about Hillary Clinton eventually running for President of the USA. As if there are no other candidates in the Land of the Free.

Towards the Light

I’ve previously written about two books from Dmitry_Glukhovsky’s post-apocalyptic Universe of Metro 2033: Metro 2033 and Metro 2034. There are many published in Russian, and some originals in other languages, but translations are few so far. In Swedish there are currently four of them. I have just read Towards the Light by Andrey Dyakov, who …


Public Service Broadcasting – non-partisan?

One of the claims PubSerBroad make for their own uniqueness, and therefore their very existence, is that they are non-partisan, objective, and politically neutral, or at least, balanced. They are not to be suspected to be partial to a certain political perspective, to ideologies or religions etc. While such criteria are difficult to fulfill, the …


Voting in shorts

Today I voted in the election for the European Parliament. There has been ample opportunity to pre-vote, but I only have done that when knowing I cannot vote on the voting Day proper. These days, I often think of pre-voting, but somehow I never manage to do that. More and more people pre-vote, so the …