Ape Calypso

This morning I read on my fellow duffer Paul's blog about the 1982 dystopian comedy show Whoops Apocalypse. I've never heard of the series, so I had to check it out. I've started watching it, and in the first episode we learn from the "News" that the Social Democratic Alliance has just won the U.K. election with 51%. On screen from news broadcast, it is shown under the acronym SODEMALL.

By a fantastic coincidence, this morning, four months after election, we have the same government as before, made up of Social Democrats and the Green Party. The result from 2018 election was basically the same as 2014: Social Democrats (S), even with Green and Left parties support is a clear minority govt. So they rely on the so-called "opposition" to not remove them from power. All in the name of stopping the more nationalistic Sweden Democrats (SD) to not have "influence". Instead of making a broader coalition, the seven parties who are not Sweden Democrats always refer to SD, and blame them for all problems. It's the big distraction. So since 2014 we have a parliament within the parliament where the seven parties agree to ignore SD and count majority from rest of voters. So it is not about a leading party ignoring voters from real opposition, it's about 80% of parliament decide to make a charade and appear as govt vs opposition, although the one thing is always to ignore SD, and paint the latter's voters as fascist, racist etc.

2018 election could have a made change, SD is growing, the "left" shrunk and the four "non-socialist" parties (formerly known as The Alliance) gained a little. They could have tried form a minority govt and seek support in different areas with SD or even the Greens or even (S). The 2010 non-socialist govt made some (really bad) agreements with the Greens. And sometimes they got SD support, although they pretended not to ever need their help. In fact, I heard in an interview that the leader of SD said that not any of the other parties ever contacted him to even discuss things. It is all virtue signaling. In fact, they'd rather consort with communists and islamists.

Interestingly, during 2014-2018 session, SD voted more often with "left" government than for the non-socialist opposition. SD is economically very much in middle of the spectrum, while for example the Center Party (The old Farmer's Party) is lead by cuckoo neo-liberals. The latter see huge migration as a method to crush the welfare systems. They are totally ruthless, and that's what the Social Democrats are flirting with. Of course (S) want to bring in huge amounts of "huddled masses" as they see them as voting cattle. An unholy alliance one can probably see in other countries? Even the Left Party loves C more than they hate SD. Globalism is a mental disease.

So for four months Sweden have lived thru a pathetic parliamentary charade. Making more and more people both being very unsatisfied with these overpaid clowns, but also making people laugh at them. The respect for politicians is going down, correlating to the failures they are.

Parties do have less and less to do with ideology, and more with careers. Most full time politicians are broilers. The Social Democrats, who have been in power for most of the past 100 years, are masters at this. Many people are in the bureaucracy just because they have been members of the Social Democrats, and to some extent, other parties. Corruption. Also, with time, more and more bureaucrats are activists, masked politicians. While welfare services, health work, education etc are declining or just overwhelmed, having political connections can give you a nice unproductive "job" at the tax payers expense.

So this morning, we have the same govt as before, supported by (if only passively) Left party and two (Center and Liberals) of the "non-socialist" parties. The Green Party again has an influence far above their puny 4 % of the voters. Long time ago I actually voted for the Greens. The name sounds nice, but it is a horrible anti-democratic pile of poop these days. The Left party gives the S+Green government support, even when (S) made an agreement with C and L. An agreement that is economically much more right than left. These parties are dishonest. Globalism is the primary commandment. SD is the target dummy, the distraction, so everyone can feel good about themselves and not deal with real problems.

The Social Democrats are masters at power play, they've done it for so long, and they are ruthless. They will play out other parties against each other, while administrating a total shit show. One can say that they are the Peronists of Sweden. Power above all, and make deal with anyone that keeps you in power. To be a politician, you would strive for power and use it. But not have it as the overarching goal (says the idealistic duffer). Now, many politicians and parties fall prey to that more or less. But The Social Democrats of Sweden have been in power for very long and very dominating in what I think is rather unique for a democracy. Many people hope for the pasokification of them, but they are like glue.

This turned out longer than I planned. It is rather complex shit show. Hope I made some sense. Back to the opening. In Sweden we truly have the SODEMALL. So far the series is very funny. SODEMALL is quite Sweden 36 years later, although the voter percentage is unclear. It is very funny. Laugh at the shit show.

Party acronyms explanation:

The evil ones:
SD (Sweden Democrats)

The former non-socialist Alliance:
(M) - Moderates (once known as Right Party)
(KD) - Christian Democrats
(L) - Liberals (formerly known as People Party)
(C) - Center Party

The "left":
(S) - Social Democrats (formal name Social Democrats Worker's Party)
(MP) - Environment Party the Greens
(V) - Left party (formerly known as Left Party the Communists)