Over the Hillary

The old media has been droning on about Hillary Clinton eventually running for President of the USA. As if there are no other candidates in the Land of the Free.

Public Service Broadcasting – non-partisan?

One of the claims PubSerBroad make for their own uniqueness, and therefore their very existence, is that they are non-partisan, objective, and politically neutral, or at least, balanced. They are not to be suspected to be partial to a certain political perspective, to ideologies or religions etc. While such criteria are difficult to fulfill, the …


High Court in Sweden: Computer ≠ TV.

I have written a fair amount, some would say too many, posts (in Swedish) on the license fee for public service broadcasting ("PubSerBroad") here in Sweden. There is much to be said about that. As a general subject, PubSerBroad it is very big. Much bigger than I ever thought about before. I grew up with, …


PubSerBroad – onaturligt “monopol”

Jag tycker "public service" är en dålig term, så jag använder mig av PubSerBroad för Public Service Broadcasting. I skrivande stund ger pubserbroad inte en enda träff på google, så förvirring uppstår ej. Ibland pratar man om naturliga monopol. Det vill säga när det är tekniskt omöjligt eller opraktiskt att ha parallella leverantörer/utförare av en …