Free films

Free as in gratis, not as in freedom 😉

I have had a bit rougher period the last year+, so periodically I have had spent quite a lot of time in bed. Awake. Previously I have read or listened to podcast or the odd audiobook, but I started watching tv series and films. Somehow, that is more accessible. I watch on my phone. I could use a tablet, if Linux could be installed on it, and it was cheap and reliable. Have not found any :p

Anyway, I do not subscribe to any services such as Asthmason or Nutflex, so I went for films viewable on Youtube (have no account) and some other places. On purpose I have not utilized "torrents".

Also, I've not had a telly in more than ten years, and was not much of television watcher in my adult age before that, either.

These below I remember watching "legally", assuming anything on e.g YT is legal. Not linking to unofficial postings 😛

An old favorite tv series I even had on VHS is Dennis Potter's last series: Karaoke/Cold Lazarus (1996). Had not seen it in many years, but I still think it is a masterpiece. Digitalized well.

A documentary that is free on it's own channel is The Red Pill (2016). I heard of it when it was in production, and wanted to see it, but forgot about it. I did remember it was "hated" by P.C. warriors. Not unexpected. It is rather low key and very well worth a watch.

Another non-P-C. film is Matt Walsh's What is a Woman?. It is less documentary than The Red Pill, in that he is more trying to prove a point. But it is still worth watching. It is quite funny, but also scary. In the interviews with academics and others who make money and careers on sex confusion. Nothing really new, and Walsh of course selected what to show in the film. But these people expose themselves if the pun may be allowed. I think i saw it on the (then) bird-site, not sure if it is freely available at the moment.

The other day I stumbled upon a Norwegian-British film based on Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1970). It is very well made, maybe the most "grey" film I ever seen, showing the almost sci-fi evil of a totalitarian state. Today I discovered there is an American version from 1963. A quick look, and it has not the same quality. There is also a Russian film from 2021. Only saw the trailer now.

Pasolini's The Gospel According to St Matthew (1964) It has a rather low budget feeling to it. And the apostles look more Italian than Galilean. A rather fascinating film, but I think maybe more for nerds?

Speaking of Gospel, there is the series The Chosen, which has published three seasons, and the forth is in post-production. Very well worth a watch. Well maybe not for atheists 😉 It is, like most in Angel Studios catalogue, free to watch. They recommend their app, but it is also available on their website and YT. They also have e.g. the animated The Wingfeather Saga which I really like.

Bondarchuk's Waterloo (1970). I only heard of this film recently and cannot remember hearing of it before, which is rather crazy. As it has great acting and astonishing mass scenes, especially with horses. I am not a film buff, but I did grow up seeing a lot of old and not so old films on television. This film should be more known. The same YT channel has a bunch of old Sherlock Holmes flims. I revisited Basil Rathbone, but he was not as good as I remember (from my early teens, maybe). There is one with Peter Cushing as Holmes and Christopher Lee as a good (!) guy. That one was quite good.

I prolly forgot some, but maybe I will fill this list with more some day. I have a rather long list of films I want to see, but have not found many of them for free. Or on paid services either.