A very special day

Weather report: Sunshine, no wind, around zero and some snow remain. A very bright day.

Today is a very special day.

Economy report: Economic equality is increasing by leaps and bounds, employment and self-employment will rise and profits increase in productive business. Banks and bank oligopolies will be broken up, and One thousand nine hundred and eighty four bankers will be fined into oblivion and put in jail. Banks will no longer be subsidized. The variation in payment methods will be promoted, as most politicians believe that card companies should not have a global on/off switch on a person's or institution's economic transactions.

Ecology report: Farming will move to greater variation, plant and gene patents will be illegal. Insecticides and artificial fertilizers will be more taxed. Farmers, not corporations, will be in charge of their own seed.

New chemicals will be analyzed for health impact, before being used and sold.

There will be tax on aircraft fuel. This will be more efficient than emissions trading, which is just another financial transaction that really does not produce anything, except more money to traders.

Politics report: All kinds of corruption, including campaign donations, revolving doors, and nepotism will be properly labelled "corruption". Corruption is acknowledged as being here and now, not just in other places and in other times.

"Transparency" in politics will truly be about transparency, and not opaqueness labelled "transparency".

That's all for the state of the world report for April 1st. Nature do not lie and rules ultimately.