“Inscius”? Ehmm…

I first came up with the name "inscius" for this blog. Later I started using it as a handle. I never really thought of how it might be pronounced. However, on occasion people have vocalized it. So, finally I put myself together to find out how it is actually pronounced.

Since I am too lazy to refresh my long-forgotten miniscule knowledge of phonetic script, I will here refer to some videos on youtube.

First, two from the channel latintutorial about classic Latin pronounciation of Consonants and Vowels.

Secondly, an example of how the word "inscius" is actually pronounced. What Horatius was on about in his Ode? I have no idea.

Without knowing how Latin is pronounced, my assumption of how it sounds was pretty accurate. Actually, standard Swedish spelling/pronounciation is more close to Latin than is the case with English.

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