Thank G-d it’s Flyday!

Yesterday I had some music on yutube in the background. Re: previous post, maybe that's how people listen to yutube audiocasts..?

How I found the channel Missionary Bush Pilot I don't know, but I find it very enjoyable. I like his no-nonsense, non-pretentious attitude. More Aussie than American, if I may generalize. No drama, no music. Some amazing skills. Serving people in remote areas. I do wonder how his passangers takes it, he sitting talking to himself (a.k.a. the camera). Some talk is he (him?) going through the checklist, but some is to the viewer.

When I was young I was very interested in the South Pacific, and also travelled there quite a bit. The pilots and the flying in New Guinea was famous back then, too, but never seen any footage until now. I never visited Papua New Guinea (PNG), but I did once fly from a grass runway. It was a regular (bi-weekly, iirc) flight with 10-12 seats. Twin engine, one pilot. Airport check-in scale was just a small one, of this type. The runway was nice, like one long wave, like a very long golf fairway. The "waveform" I didn't notice while sitting in the plane running on it. Furthermore, take off with propeller plane is so much nicer and smoother than jet. We had one short stopover at an even smaller "airport", where there were poultry running beside the runway at the "terminal" end. Good memories.

I do have some pictures, but not digitized and cba to publish them anyway.

I actually have not airtravelled since mid-90s. Except falling down a stair or two.

Enjoy your Friday! And every other day.