This might be old news to you, dear reader, but I just recently heard of it, and it is funny and brilliant. The band Vulfpeck published the album Sleepify on Spotify in 2014, and it was just silence. Not some artsy fartsy pretention, but in order so fans could play the album and they would earn some money. That is funny. Even more funnier is that Spotify took the album off referring to their "content" policies. I am probably mean, but that made me lol. Spotify was not content at all. They want to be content.

I never heard of Vulfpeck before. Their website is the most minimalistic I've seen in years. They even have their own font. Almost all links lead to yootoob, so not very interesting content. But I ignored my malcontent (ho ho ho) and checked out some clip, and it reminded me of the various waves of funk mixing in with rock and other genres, from late 70s onwards. Anyone remember Gang of Four and Pop Group? I might even have a vinyl of the latter. Duffer music? Maybe not, I lost interest decades ago.

I have never been a customer of Spotify and never used them, maybe it made this silent album even more funny for me.

P.S. I heard about this on the Music and Ideas podcast, which is an offshoot of the OnlineGreatBooks podcast. I recommend both!