The Elect

US politics is bipartisan, so one can expect dualistic muckraking and also shenanigans and gerrymandering and so on. Although it is partly a show. When it comes to feeding military and medical industrial complexes, they are usually on the same track. And deep involvement with PRC can be seen on both sides too. Which is like making love to Adolf.

However, the exceptional rage etc during Trump's presidency, has been interesting to watch. How many "lefties" are financed by very rich people, or even PRC? Post-Soviet options. The Dems also been shouting about justice and courts, which I guess been a nice distraction from real problems. In a sense, Trump has functioned as a great straw man. Or maybe target dummy. Don't think, just yell at Trump and feel good about yourself. Now when Republicans talk about courts they are horrible people! It reminds me of those that accuse others of "hate" are often hate-filled themselves. Even making threats. Accuse others of that which you are yourself. It is tiring. And worse.

I can also add I am born and raised in Sweden, so my whole life the media here is pro-Democrat for as long as I can remember. Democrat good, Republican bad. A very easy and dumb world view. Without thinking, I thought that too. The established parties (in any country) do not want to talk about the dirt in their own history, so let's not mention the Democrats'. Therefore I watched a lot of Fox these past few days, as that is supposed to be a more Republican outlier in the liberal MSM. (I very rarely watch tv these days). They seemed rather pro-Trump at first, depending on people in studio, but when it looked like Biden was going to win, they had more honey in their voices, at least in some voices. Maybe they do not want to upset advertisers. It was rather funny to see. Commercial televison. Not that non-commercial, tax payed is better.

What strikes me in this election is that how Biden was chosen as a candidate. The kindest thing on can say is that he was put up as a middle of the road type that could beat Trump, unlike the others; globalist babyfaces, yelling lefties, and what not. Trump is rude and can be a jerk, but he is not Lucifer. He does have energy. Ideology and party loyalty withstanding, how can anyone vote for Biden? He can only talk for short times before messing things up or say rather nutty things, not because he talks too fast but because he is lost. I have people near me over 90 who are more lucid than him. He talks and moves like a guy who is at the end of a presidency. I just find it headscratching. I guess he touched the should... hearts of many people.

Maybe Biden will resign. Some say that is the design. In comes Harris, who is not very popular. She is extremely arrogant, often sounds like she tries to emulate a snotty aristocrat. Although she has also tried to be a bit rootsy, with embarassing results. Her track record is not nice. Do not the Democrats have better people? Trump was an outsider, he won against the Republicans, too, in a sense. He probably wouldn't if Bush Sr still had been running the show? Which party has the most varied sort of people and which is most top-run? I do not know.

Build Back Biden?

Vote early, vote often.