Avoid hate, if you can.

Boo for hate!

The idea of "hate crime" builds on the assumption that intention affects a crime's seriousness. That is a common assumption in many judicial systems (e.g. intentional murder is worse than killing someone by accident), although not all. I think most people in at least our socieities think that is reasonable. However, hate is emotion, it is not action, nor intention, although it can cause both. Hate (and rage) is often conflated with anger. Hate is not healthy and makes a person think less clearly. However, making "hate" an intention that worsens the judging of a crime is stupid, ridiculous and creepy. Diagnosing whether a person is filled with hate is psychology, not law. Except it is, at least in media, social media and other court rooms. "Hate" is a political crime, and maybe, in Stalinistic method, "hateful" people will be locked up in asylums? "Political correctness" (the comrade of "hate") came out of the Soviet Union.

Is a murder commited by a "hatefilled" person worse than a person shooting someone in cold blood? Or for money? Does not seem right to me. A prosecutor can of course try to show, as part of evidence, that the accused hated the victim, but that it would effect the punishment is zany.

This bs about "hate" has annoyed me and millions for a long time. I recently learnt of the expression hate facts. I.e. facts that annoy or upset some people, often select people. Hate facts is ironic. Apparently the term has been around a long time. I guess I do not follow trends...

I came to think of a recent thing I read that fit the bill, although examples can be found in droves.

Emperor's New Clothes, every day, all year. Pardon, I should maybe write "Empress"?

The Tweeter algorythm courtroom. Best is to avoid those silos as much as possible. There will be calls for regulations and then maybe one day we will need a license or electronic ID to write anything on the web. Regulation is often not to protect the little guy/gal. That said, maybe Amazong would need regulation, as its web services etc is increasingly part of the infrastructure, invisible and potentially hard to avoid.

"Hate" rhymes with "bait" and "inflate", and I could probably make a limerick about it, but cba. I do not have MBA, or MBE, but I do have CBA. Self-dubbed.

If I ever get a visiting card again, I might put C.B.A. after my name. It is 50% longer than B.A.