The other day I went thru a big box with computer cables. Saving them just in case! Good to have stuff! You never know...

I did discard a few half-old USB cables, but saved all old odd ones. Of course. You never know...

At the bottom of the box I found this:

The infamous "puck" mouse from the first generations of the Apple iMac. It still works. It is still as useless as it was back then. Not even die hard Apple users liked it. It was famously disliked. The attached cable is very short, too. Transparent cable plastic, fashionable, until it aged to a color of ...euw. Useless crap! Saving it. You never know! It also makes me wonder how the designer's hands look? The one-button design was standard for Macs for many years.

At least USB is a standard that lasted, even if it is changed.

Circular thinking 😉