Step-counter, is that a count's stepson?

Apparently also called "pedometer", which sounds slightly awkward.

I found an old one this morning. No connection to phone or anything, just the simple counter including an estimate of distance.

They were very popular, although I never used them much. I never was interested. Furthermore, you had to put your mind to starting and stopping it. Meh. If I walked, I did it as long as had time, or energy, or a goal (errand, not training goal). Plus, it did not really take into account other factors like inclination and surface. It was pretty basic, but still a training device.

I admit this step-accounting popularity coincided with me having a slowly deteriorating ability to walk longer distance, but I think I still would not have been very interested in this gamification of strolling, wandering or running.

I guess many are included in other devices now, as apps.

A device for training, not only exercise, but training for the slave individual to accept automatical data-recording. And compare it to a norm. Is not "you shall walk x number of steps per day" bordering on the comical? What all sorts of apps do now. At least this one did not upload it into some cloud.

Pondering on a Sunday morning, provoked by finding an old device I haven't given a thought, nor a stroll, in years.