Go circular!

One of the popular keywords in the new world order religion is "circular economy". I guess it is a quasi-ecological concept, but most importantly it is a phrase that is popular and formulaic. A sort of secular "God willing" and similar. There are a few like this, and it usually marks the user as a pompous idiot.

When there is a election in Sweden, parties usually do mass sendings to every household to tell us how great they are. Nothing wrong with that, although it is usually just clichés. Obviously, in the last maybe ten years, the circular cliché is quite popular, together with others from same source such as sustainability. The Center Party (a sort of "liberal" party) wrote in their (local or regional, not sure) pamphlet for the latest election that they "say yes to circular thinking". When you combine idiocy, scientism and pompousness you get these sort of moronity. I must say this is the best I have seen so far, at least in Swedish. This discourse is a pandemic.

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