Human value in Sweden feat. NATO

In Sweden, dignity ("värdighet") is usually not mentioned, but value ("värde") is. Not values. Value. Confusion is near at hand.

It is common slogan, I think invented by The Social Democratic Workers Party (soc-dems), and certainly used by them and their associates a lot. In the sentence "Alla människors lika värde", transl. "All humans' equal value". Value, not dignity. Sweden is steeped in legal positivism. For example, despite Swedish politicians usually almost childish cheering for UN et al (I grew up with it) the idea of universal human rights could never have come out of Sweden. But then... UN is not really about that anymore, is it? But I digress.

The All humans' equal value slogan is sort of a "sustainable" (shudder) for discourse on morals, politics and even organisation. One can see it pop up in policy documents, statements etc. Verbal and written cliché. As soc-dems have been in government for most of the past hundreds years, and most other politicians really have to make an effort to step out of the mental tunnel, this is also repeated by humanoids from other parties. But I think it is still mostly coming from soc-dems and friends. The slogan is often used as a way to marginalise persons and opinions that are not on course with the discourse. It is a quite a flexible concept, often used as a weapon.

Now if all humans have same value, why does politicians have salary above average? The prime minister from the soc-dems certainly would not like to have a salary of an industry worker or even a specialised nurse. It is not about, say, equality before the law. It is about value.

A recent display of the flexibility of this concept was when Mrs. Prime Minister said that we cannot have a referendum about applying for Nato membership, because that decision is based on "secret" information. Besides it being glaringly dishonest, even quite dumb, whatever crucial secrets are involved in this, Russia already knows them. The Soviets knew a lot more about Sweden than the general Swedish populace. Same old story from every country, I guess. However, when Ms. Prime Political Critter went to Finland to discuss Nato, she was accompanied by a Wallenberg. The Wallenbergs are basically the top oligarchs in Sweden since the 1930s, although I think the zenith of their power was in the 1970s. Other oligarchs were also available in the discussions with Finland. Good ole boys.

My point is, the oligarchs vote was of much higher VALUE than almost 8 million potential voters. Now, the soc-dems are of course hypocrites. They remind a bit about peronism. But still... what about "the equal value of all"? I guess the brown spots are start to smell again. I wonder if it just preparing the discourse for UBI? Or just a slogan to use as a tool. A tool by tools for tools.

This also shows Nato is more about sales than security. Value. Surprise.

Another irony is that for many years, our governments, soc-dems and others have been shrinking our national defense. It is not something one can build up in short time. Now the same politicians suddenly have grown hair on their chest and want to flex muscles! Pathetic, incompetent, dishonest. Nato has been up for discussion by some for decades, but joining it was always a small minority thing. Suddenly boom bang. Maybe they can employ those imported bomb throwers we have? Win-win, eh?

There is also election here this autumn. Maybe politicians want the NATO question fixed before any awkward debates ensures.

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