My garden year of 2022 was practically over weeks ago, including preparing for winter. It was a good year in some ways and meh in others. I still have a few maize plants there (will never be fruit), and some ripening blackberries. No frost yet.

I often grow chili in pots. Because it is easy and decorative. Can be sown/planted any time of year. I've had late plants flowering around Christmas, despite the rather dark winters here in Southern Sweden. In summer I put them out on balcony. This year I ordered seeds for two types I haven't grown before. Coral and Siberian, both bearing rather small fruits. The Siberian takes time to even start growing and is slow the first months. My first time with them I thought I had failed. But speeds up later, and gives many fruits:

Yesterday I picked most of them.

Chopped up some and put in freezer. What I usually do. But some I cut in half, took out seeds and the white flesh to dry them. It will be my attempt at home-made fake gochugaru. After all, Siberia is on the way to Korea from here :p