Mouche 2022

I just realised it is Movember again. I am stuck at the cheapskate facial decoration. Let's call it "fortnight beard".

Out of curiosity I checked the Swedish "official" campaign if they again have ladies with fake moustache. And they have*/

Unless they are men faking it as women. But it does not look like that. I do not follow much the usual media, maybe they are well known cooks? Who the f cares? The site collects money for research. I did a quick look and the research is about diagnosis, surgery and treatment. Do not the cooks have any input into nutrition and life style and even environmental factors? Does not seem so. So why the f have cooks on the front page?

It is just so dumb. Imagine a pink ribbon campaign with men with fake boobs. Men can get breast cancer, wimmen can't get prostate cancer. so this is even dumber.

Who are they trying to convince? As they repeat it, they seems obsessed with this nonsense. The combination of pretentiousness and (what they see as) a bit of wink-wink is stale. Where do all these people come from? It certainly pays off to join the present PR culture. But... deep inside they despise the viewer.

Sorry for the swearing, but I am so tired of this garbage culture. The researchers seem serious. The rest, the money collecting middle men and the virtue signalling corporations and the pretentious actors? Why this theatre? Eat shit.