Baked for Christmas

Life has been slower for me since last autumn. I also recently had COVID, at least according to test ;-). So Advent and Christmas stuff has been delayed. Getting slowly better and even had energy to shop food the other day with the help of my daughter.

The other day I made Yule bread (see previous posts about that). Today I made lussekatter (Lucia buns). More than a week late hehe.

It's the 4th advent week, so I also lit up the typical four-slot advent candlestick. This one was made by my son when he was in high school. I did not add any decorations to it, although that is usual (hence the tray model).

Delay 2: This morning my nephew took the car to change to winter tyres (should have been done by November 30). I booked twice in November and had to cancel and then I got covid, and then no one has time to help me. I am very thankful he did it. And it was by pure chance he heard about it the other day 🙂

When I was younger and healthier I of course changed them myself :p

2022 was a clear "record" for me.