Unknown Legendary Persons

The following are English language individuals. At least their names are, it is hard to find reliable data on them. The info below is all I have found, despite painstaking search.

Rudy Mentaree - a rather basic guy.

Biff Tech - French-American non-vegan programmer.

Mike Stand - a really upright roadie.

Mary Gold - flower child.

Kurt Ale - closet drinker.

Cole Era - going through a rough time.

Cal Vary - abandoned by followers.

Sue Blime - vague.

Anna Logue - counts on digits.

Nick O'Tiem - arriving last to party.

Coco Nutt - May come out of her shell

Sy Borg - enhanced tennis player, not related to Björn.

Gus Tawind - old fart.

William Boulder Yikes - Poet Laureate of the Sisyphus Admiration Society

Ben E. Fit - trainer and health guru.

Dick Tater - Glorious Solanum Leader.

Harry Stottle - aitch-less philosopher.

Cliff Hanger - Last but not least.