It is the second week of Advent. I actually had to check if Advent weeks starts with Sunday. It does. Traditionally, and still in many countries , every week starts with Sunday. I always noted in digital calendars, one can choose with which day to start the week.

In Sweden, week starts with Monday, as far back as I remember. It seems some Swedish almanac publishers in the 60s started organising week with Monday first, and with a weekend. At the end. As it is week-end. Obviously!

Our weekdays are basically named as other European languages (different gods referred to) . But Saturday is "lördag" which means "the day to bathe". The Norse cleaned themselves on Saturday. Maybe there was rings of soap or dirt in the bathtub, so Saturn was somehow involved! Ho ho ho.

I have not researched much into this, but it seems ISO 2711 from 1973 tried to make Monday start as standard. Standards are sometimes good, but this seems like an overreach. Some who propose standards are narcissists. Busybodies.

Anyhow... Celebrating Advent is a nice time in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is dark, and putting up lights (LEDS are nice) and lighting candles is a way to chase away the dark. And meditate. After all, Advent is about Jesus. Might come as a shock for some people. 😛

The rush for Christmas with shopping is tiring. And a bit empty.

Wish you a nice Advent with not too much rush, if possible.