I certainly do not post a pic of every unusual thing I come across, it just happen to be two days in a row.

There was a total eclipse in Stockholm June 30, 1954. I think they have occurred in Sweden since, but I have never experienced a total one. It was so much brouhaha about the recent one in U.S, I thought it was rather fitting to post this. I did not understand get the noise about it. I mean, they do happen every year some place, or rather in a corridor place, location...

I guess some of the viewers got themselves a prescient (ho ho) buying a pair of protective goggles.

My parents bought one in 1954, and my mother still have it. The imprint reads "The solar eclipse June 30, 1954". That is years before I was born. Obviously.

Holy sunshine, they are 70 years old. :/

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